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Pawzitively Spoiled, a nonprofit organization that runs solely off of donations from loving petlovers like you.  Without your help, Pawzitively Spoiled, Inc. could not help the families in need that we do.  We take pride in being able to assist retired citizens on fixed incomes with the ability to continue to take care of their pet when their pet gets unexpectedly sick.  Together, we work with their Veterinarian (or other NonProfit Organization) to assist the family as much as we possibly can with the needs for their pet during this unplanned time.  Some of the services we provide include but are not limited to:

*  Financial assistance to a Veterinarian for products and services to provide the best quality care for the pet in need.  

*  Finding temporary assistance with cat and dog food.

*  Assistance with trying to find a placement or forever home for pets of elderly owners that can no longer care for them.

The world today has become so fast paced that we take on the mentality of always being on the go, go, go.  While the world moves on with these fast routines, families appear to spend less time together.  Our older generation gets visited less and less with visits being more focused on just the holidays and special occasions.  Sometimes their grown children might have moved further away or they may have experienced the loss of their spouse leaving them all alone in their home on a regular basis.  A pet is sometimes all they have left to keep them company or it can be the last connection to their loved one. Pets provide us with unconditional love, acceptance, and a bond that lasts a lifetime.  Preserving this companionship between them with your tax deductible donation is not only a gift for the moment, it is a gift of priceless memories that keeps on giving.  

Please help one of  the animals below find their new forever home. 

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