Let me "TAIL" you about our Programs

Our programs are designed to help animals and their pet owners through out all communities.  Pawzitively Spoiled itself was designed and inspired by many different things.  The most important was in loving memory of my Grandmother, Betty Pas (RIP 2005), who was a very kind and generous woman that loved everyone around her whether she knew you or not.  Family was very important to her.  She has been my role model and I try to make her proud every day.  There is not a day that goes by that she is not thought of as she lives in my heart and missed more than words can say.  I love you Grandma  (9:06)

Pawz Foundation

Our Foundation to help Senior Pet owners with their unexpected sick pet expenses was designed with my grandparents, Betty and John Pas (RIP 2005 and 1993), in mind as well as my own furry pack members.  As we grew up and living our lives, my dad, my brother and myself moved to other states while my grandparents stayed where they were at.  Visiting was difficult and I regret not making it more of a top priority.  I soon got my own dose of of being lonely as my children grew older and in their teenage years. It was no the time where it was not "cool" to be around mom and I found myself home and by myself.  My husband was over seas for lengthly amounts of time and it was just me and the pack.  The bond and feeling between you and your pet can not be described in words accurately enough except they are family and sometimes all someone has.  Our goal is to make sure our senior pet owners on fixed income do not have to worry about unexpect vet expenses or give up their own necessities to ensure their companion is taken care of or worse of all, find a new home for their pet.  We take pride in assisting with preserving this bond and companionship.  Let me ask you an honest question.  How often are your older family members left alone waiting on a visit from a family member?  Wouldn't it be wonderful to know that they are not all alone?  By giving your gift of a donation either of monetary value or an item from our wish list, you are helping us reach as many families as we can. Together, we are making a difference and adding happiness to the hearts of many.  

Precious Pawz Program

The Precious Pawz program was created to help community animal shelters with items of need.  Because of my love for animals, my need to spoil, help, and take care of them, I needed to find a way to help the ones I cannot personally rescue or adopt.  These poor animals live in a tiny small area or cages waiting on someone to come along and give them their forever home.  Sometimes that dream is never answered.  It breaks my heart just thinking of those poor little eyes hoping and waiting for someone to come and give them the life they so deserce.  If I can show them kindness, happiness, and love even if it is for just one day of their life- I will know that I made a difference as small as it is.  I wish I could save them all and take them all in but all I can do is make a difference as much as I can.  Please adopt from your local shelter and save a life.  Please visit our PPP Wish List and help donate items in need.  You would be helping more than you will every realize and know.  Acts of love and kindness are addicting.  

Betty Gene Assistance Program

Our Betty Gene Assistance Program is a very special program that means so much to me.  It is in memory of my grandmother, Betty Pas (RIP 2005), and my Godfather, Gene Kozlowski (RIP 2011). When my grandmother was alive, she was in a beautiful Alzheimer and Assistant Living Home that took wonderful care of her.  Because I lived several states away and raising a family, it made visiting very difficult.  This is something I regret every day and live with.  Before my Godfather had passed away, he had to spend some time in a Nursing home during the holiday season and could not have visitors during his transition time.  Because of both of these situations, this program is dedicated in both of their honor.  The BGAP program is where volunteers from Pawzitively Spoiled visit nursing homes and spend some time with the patients that do not have family members visiting them for several different reasons.  We just offer them a smile and conversation and something or someone to look forward to.  We do try to collect items from our Wish List to bring to the Homes that we visit as much as possible.  The patients are always grateful and appreciative for the kindness they receive from our volunteers.  If you would like to volunteer your time or donate items from our BGAP Wish List, you would really be making a difference to someone special.  Wouldn't it be nice to brighten someones day by just taking a few moments of your time?  For someone whose family lives far away... you could be their reason they are not alone.  Lets brighten as many days as we can together.

Community Assistance Program (CAP)

Pawzitively Spoiled partnered together with the Kenneth Campfield Community Outreach Program (KCCOF) to strengthen our efforts with helping families throughout our communities. Together we started the Community Assistance Program.  Under this program we have several different fundraisers throughout the year depending upon the needs of the community.  To name just a few would be: the KCCOF Back to School Drive, Santa Pawz, KCCOF Coat and Clothing Drive, KCCOF Gift Baskets to the Nursing Homes for Mother Day and Father Day.  KCCOF and Pawzitively Spoiled share the same goal of making a difference in the lives we touch.  We are thankful for all the support and mentoring that KCCOF has brought to our organization for without their guidance, Pawzitively Spoiled might just still be a dream.  Thank you KCCOF for all that you do for everyone and we are so proud and honored to be working together and making a difference all around the world.